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Our university's counselling program is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance to students, helping them navigate through challenges and achieve personal and academic success.

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Individual counselling is a personal, one-to-one counselling space for a person to interact with the counsellor to explore and address personal concerns. It is a partnership where the counsellor works with the client to help the client in their journey to understand themselves better and cope with whatever challenges they are going through.


Group counselling is a form of psychotherapy in which 3 to 6 participants meet face-to-face to work through their problems and concerns under the guidance of one or two counsellors. Normally, the participants have similar issues or concerns to discuss and to learn about and share information and solutions about those issues.


Career counselling helps clients in choosing, changing, or leaving a career and is available at any stage in life. A career counsellor can help by outlining and discussing one's potential career options.


Sandtray therapy is a therapeutic technique that uses a tray of sand along with small tools, toys, or figurines to help people express themselves without words. It can be an effective way to help people cope with trauma and anxiety, as well as express their feelings in therapy without needing words.


Art therapy is a tool counsellors use to help clients interpret, express, and resolve their emotions and thoughts. Clients work with a counsellor to explore their emotions, understand conflicts or feelings that are causing them distress, and use art to help them find resolutions to those issues.


Psychological tests are classified into several types, including intelligence tests, aptitude tests, vocational tests, aptitude tests, and personality tests. Psychological testing is primarily used for psychological diagnosis, job screening, academic placements, identifying specific behaviour, research purposes, etc.


We have puzzles, jenga, card games, board games and many more!

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Mdm Zarifah bt. Mat Hussin

Counsellor, Student Experience,
Services & Welfare

Sarjana Muda Kaunseling UMT

Mr. Muhammad Mustafa b. Isa

Counsellor, Sports & Culture

Sarjana Muda Psikologi Kaunseling UMS

Miss Atirah Amalina bt. Sulong Affandi

Counsellor, Alumni & Career Development

Sarjana Pendidikan Bimbingan Dan Kaunseling UPM

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